20/20 “House of Cards” February 17 2023 New Episode Preview

Tonight (Friday February 17 2023), ABC broadcasts an episode of the series “20/20” titled “House of Cards“.

We’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about tonight’s episode of 20/20, including if it’s new, the time, cast, how to watch and all the episode details!

20/20 “House of Cards” 2/17/23 Episode Summary

Two innocent ladies were murdered, there may have been occult connections, there was a note from the murderer, and the case was all but unsolvable.

Who would murder a mother and daughter combo in the open? Just a few weeks before her wedding, Angel, who was engaged and designing her wedding gown, passed away. She was able to speak with authorities about her mother, who was also a victim. The police were baffled when no physical evidence was uncovered and everyone who had access to the residence had a solid alibi, but then the case took an unexpected turn. ABC News correspondent Ryan Smith discusses the case in a new “20/20,” including the delivery to police of the alleged murder weapon by a self-described vampire and a string of insulting messages written by the murderer. These letters ultimately helped authorities identify David Hoshaw, Angel’s fiancé who conducted a double life throughout their relationship, as the killer.

The two-hour documentary features interviews with all of the key participants in the case, including the police officers who found the bodies first, Detective Rick Malbon, whose investigation broke the case, Prosecutor Phil Evans, who oversaw David’s prosecution, Alexander and Yolanda Goyena, Angel and Vonda’s family, Naomi Hoshaw and Alison Ashcroft, the killer’s ex-wives who discuss their relationship with him, and Amanda, the woman who was not aware of the murders but The “20/20” episode that airs on February 17 (9:01–11:00 p.m. EST) is also accessible on Hulu the following day.

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Is Tonight’s Episode New or a Repeat?

Tonight’s 20/20 Episode “House of Cards” of “20/20” is new.

What Time is 20/20 “House of Cards” On Tonight?

Tonight’s 20/20 Episode “House of Cards” will be broadcast on ABC at 9:00PM ET/PT.

20/20 “House of Cards” Videos

A murder of two innocent women, possible ties to the occult, a letter from the killer, and a case that seemed all but unsolvable.


She knew nothing about the double murder and had been living happily with the killer while he was secretly engaged to another woman. Now in a new 20/20 interview, David Hoshaw’s former fiancé recalls his arrest and learning about his double life.

Angelique (Angel) Goyena and David Hoshaw met online in January 2006. A few months after meeting, Hoshaw moved into the home Angel shared with her mother, Vonda Goyena. Though engaged and designing her wedding dress, Angel’s diary entries revealed concerns that her fiancé was not the person he originally appeared to be…

Who would kill a mother-daughter pair in cold blood? Vonda Goyena and her daughter Angelique (Angel) Goyena were murdered on June 30, 2007 at their home in Norfolk, Virginia. The investigation into their case spanned two years and four states.
For our new 20/20, Vonda and Angel Goyena’s family remembers the Virginia mother and daughter.

The police were stumped ― until shocking clues emerged, including a series of taunting letters sent by the murderer.

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