48 Hours “The Poisonous Wife” March 12 2022 on CBS

48 Hours CBS

Tonight (Saturday, March 12 2022), CBS broadcasts a new episode of the series “48 Hours“.

We’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about tonight’s episode, including if it’s new, the time, cast, how to watch and all the episode details!

48 Hours The Poisonous Wife Episode Summary

In the moments after snake breeder Ben Renick was found dead, investigators thought he might have been the victim of an attack by one of his prized reptiles. But he wasn’t. It was worse, much worse. Peter Van Sant and 48 HOURS investigate Renick’s death and the trail that led to a person in his life who was more dangerous and more slippery than any reptile in his care in “The Poisonous Wife” to be broadcast Saturday, March 12 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network and streaming on Paramount+.

On a hot day in June 2017, Lynlee Renick called 911 to say her husband was face down in a pool of blood. She said she found him in his snake facility, which was home to more than 3,000 reptiles, some worth thousands of dollars.

“Someone being killed by a snake is not something that happens every day, especially in Missouri,” says coroner Dave Colbert.

It turns out that someone being killed by a snake didn’t happen that day, either. That’s because Ben Renick was shot multiple times. But by whom?

48 HOURS: “The Poisonous Wife” is produced by Chris O’Connell, Jamie Stolz and Alicia Tejada. Elizabeth Caholo is the development producer. Marlon Disla, George Baluzy, Grayce Arlotta-Berner, Gregory F. McLaughlin and Jud Johnston are the editors. Lourdes Aguiar is the senior producer. Nancy Kramer is the executive story editor. Judy Tygard is the executive producer.

Is Tonight’s Episode New or a Repeat?

Great news! Tonight’s “The Poisonous Wife” episode of “48 Hours” is all new!

What Time is Tonight’s Episode On?

Tonight’s “The Poisonous Wife” episode will be broadcast on CBS at 10:00PM ET/PT.

Watch 48 Hours “The Poisonous Wife” Episode Video Preview

Watch Tonight’s 48 Hours Episode Online

You can find episodes on the CBS website and watch full episodes on Paramount+.

48 Hours Series Information

This newsmagazine investigates intriguing crime and justice cases that touch on all aspects of the human experience. Over its long run, the show has helped exonerate wrongly convicted people, driven the reopening — and resolution — of cold cases, and changed numerous lives. CBS News correspondents offer an in-depth look into each story, with the emphasis on solving the mystery at its heart. The program and its team have earned critical acclaim, including multiple Emmy, Peabody and Edward R. Murrow Awards.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkAq3nV4juU

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