The Neighborhood “Welcome to the Rooster” March 12 2022 on CBS

The Neighborhood

Tonight (Saturday March 12 2022), CBS broadcasts an episode of the series “The Neighborhood” titled “Welcome to the Rooster“.

We’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about tonight’s episode, including if it’s new, the time, cast, how to watch and all the episode details!

Welcome to the Rooster Season 3, Episode 4 Episode Summary

The arrival of Wyatt (Milan Carter), an eco-conscious new neighbor, and his pet rooster disrupts the community, leading a desperate Dave and Calvin to team up on a covert mission to restore order. Also, when Tina stops by Marty’s apartment for a surprise visit, the youngest Butler son is forced to come clean about a long-held secret.

Is Tonight’s Episode New or a Repeat?

Tonight’s “Welcome to the Rooster” episode of “The Neighborhood” is a repeat.

What Time is Tonight’s Episode On?

Tonight’s “Welcome to the Rooster” episode will be broadcast on CBS at 8:00PM ET/PT.

Welcome to the Rooster Video Preview

The Neighbourhood “Welcome to the Rooster” Cast


Cedric the Entertainer (Calvin Butler)
Max Greenfield (Dave Johnson)
Beth Behrs (Gemma Johnson)
Tichina Arnold (Tina Butler)
Sheaun McKinney (Malcolm Butler)
Marcel Spears (Marty Butler)
Hank Greenspan (Grover Johnson)


Milan Carter (Wyatt)

Watch Tonight’s “Welcome to the Rooster” Episode Online

You can find episodes on the CBS website and watch full episodes on Paramount+.

The Neighborhood Series Information

When Dave Johnson and his family arrive from Michigan, they’re unfazed that their new dream home is located in a community quite different from their previous small town. However, their opinionated next-door neighbor Calvin Butler is wary of the newcomers, certain that they’ll disrupt the culture on the block. Dave realizes that fitting in with the new community is more complex than he had expected, but if he can find a way to connect with Calvin, there’s an excellent chance of making the new neighborhood a great place to live.

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