Molly and Mack 23/11/22 S5E18 “Mack’s Challenge” on CBeebies

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Tonight (Wednesday 23 November 2022), CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Molly and Mack titled Mack’s Challenge.


Mack’s Challenge Season 5, Episode 18 Episode Summary

Molly looks through her collection of unique items on her shelf behind Mack’s stand. She picks the significant letter and recalls the day she received it. Mack is taken aback when he receives a letter informing him that he has been accepted to a music and performing arts course because he didn’t apply. Along with singing, he would also need to act and dance, and he doubts his ability to do either.

What Time is the “Mack’s Challenge” Episode On?

The Mack’s Challenge episode of Molly and Mack will be broadcast on November 23 2022 on CBeebies at 5:00 PM.

Is the “Mack’s Challenge” Episode New?

The Mack’s Challenge episode of Molly and Mack is all new!

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