Kung Fu Sock “Hao’s Memory” S1E28 5 December 2022 on Pop

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Tonight (Monday 5 December 2022), Pop broadcasts an episode of the series Kung Fu Sock!


Hao’s Memory Season 1 Episode 28 Episode Summary

Hao tries to respond to Tee Zeng, but he is trapped inside his own mind. Hao doesn’t appear to remember that she voluntarily entered Manipulens’ trap, so they travel back in time to that particular evening.

What Time is the “Hao’s Memory” Episode On?

The Hao’s Memory episode of Kung Fu Sock will be broadcast on December 5 2022 on Pop at 4:15 PM.

Is the “Hao’s Memory” Episode New?

The Hao’s Memory episode of Kung Fu Sock is all new!

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