Meet the Press December 25 2022 on NBC

Meet the Press

Tonight (Sunday December 18 2022), NBC broadcasts an episode of the series Meet the Press!

Episode Summary

This Sunday’s special broadcast of Meet the Press with Chuck Todd will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the longest-running show on television, featuring a showcase of rare, impactful, moving, and even funny footage from the program’s expansive archives.

Led by moderator Chuck Todd, the special will explore the program’s rich history, beginning with moderator Martha Rountree’s 1947 debut of the “press conference of the air.” Todd will take viewers through a trove of historical footage, highlighting several of the driving themes of Meet the Press throughout the years: holding American presidents and foreign leaders accountable; the program’s pivotal role in presidential races; the civil rights struggles that have played out on its air; and the key figures outside the world of politics that have brought the country together and better informed the pressing public debates of the day.

The broadcast will feature guests from the show’s past and present and across the political spectrum, including:

  • American presidents, including John F. Kennedy on religion, Richard Nixon on Watergate, Ronald Reaganon running for office, Jimmy Carter on the Olympic boycott, and then-Vice President Joe Biden announcing his support for same-sex marriage
  • Notable foreign leaders, including Vladimir PutinPrince PhilipIndira Ghandi, and Fidel Castro
  • Icons of history-making equal justice movements, such as Eleanor RooseveltMartin Luther King, Jr.,Jackie RobinsonShirley ChisolmGloria Steinem, and John Lewis
  • Prominent figures from outside the world of politics, like Megan Rapinoe, Robert FrostJane Fonda, and Michael Jordan

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Meet the Press will be broadcast on NBC at 11:00 AM at ET/PT.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Meet the Press is all new!

Episode Videos & Previews

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