Wheel of Fortune February 22 2023: Bonus Puzzle, All Answers & Winner

Wheel of Fortune
Looking to find our latest Wheel of Fortune recap with the bonus puzzle, prize puzzle, contestants and all answers & solutions? Click below!

Tonight (Wednesday 22 February 2023), we’ve got the latest on everything – the bonus puzzle, all answers and contestants – that you need to know about tonight’s episode of Wheel of Fortune!


Wheel of Fortune 22 February 2023 Contestants & Winner

WinnerOther Contestants
Kaden NyeRayce Snyder, Justin Mattes

Wheel of Fortune 22 February 2023 Bonus Puzzle, Answer & Was It Won?

Bonus Puzzle (category)Won Bonus Round ($)

Wheel of Fortune 22 February 2023 All Puzzles & Solutions

$1,000 Toss Up: ENTER YOUR PASSWORD (Phrase)
$2,000 Toss Up: GRADE POINT AVERAGE (Thing)
Round 2: LAUGHING OUT LOUD (What Are You Doing?)
Round 3: GENTLE SEA TURTLES (Living Things)
Triple Toss Up 1: STANDING ON A SURFBOARD (Fun & Games)
Triple Toss Up 2: WEARING ROLLER SKATES (Fun & Games)
Triple Toss Up 3: RIDING A SKATEBOARD (Fun & Games)
Round 4: BLACK PANTHER (Character)
Round 5: THAT’S THE WAY TO PLAY (Rhyme Time)

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Wheel of Fortune Series Information

Contestants compete against each other by solving word puzzles in order to win cash prizes, which are determined by a spinning wheel.


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