Antiques Roadshow 26 February 2023 on BBC One

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Tonight (Sunday 26 February 2023), BBC One broadcasts an episode of the series Antiques Roadshow!


Episode Summary

The programme, which was shot on location at London’s historic St Thomas’ and St Bartholomew’s hospitals, features fascinating objects that provide insight into the history of nursing and healthcare, such as bravery medals, early uniforms, cartoons, and medical equipment. Fiona Bruce meets comedian Jo Brand, a former psychiatric nurse, and learns about her experiences working in emergency mental health clinics as well as her lighter moments performing in hospital pantomimes.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Antiques Roadshow will be broadcast on February 26 2023 on BBC One at 7:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Antiques Roadshow is all new!

Antiques Roadshow Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Fiona Bruce

Episode Videos & Previews

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Antiques Roadshow Series Information

Airing since 1979, this popular programme, which has spawned multiple international versions, travels across Britain (with occasional trips to other countries, such as Canada and Australia), bringing together in each location specialists in antiques and fine arts to have them appraise items brought in by local residents, whether they are collectors looking to turn trash into treasure or ordinary folks hoping Grandma's old painting might now fund the kids' education. Items featured on the programme often have an interesting story attached to them or have some connection to that episode's venue. While some items that are brought in are worth a fortune, others are worthless.

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