Final Jeopardy 3/1/23 (Laws in U.S. History) & Who Won Wednesday March 1 2023

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Today’s Final Jeopardy 3/1/2023 (Laws in U.S. History) – Wednesday, March 1 2023

Today’s Final Jeopardy Category is: Laws in U.S. History

A radical Republican championed this 1875 Act but the Supreme Court struck it down in 1883; a new version was passed 81 years later

Today’s Final Jeopardy Answer – Wednesday, March 1 2023

The Final Jeopardy Answer is: Civil Rights Act

Final Jeopardy Explanation – Wednesday, March 1 2023

As a result of civil rights violations committed against Native Americans during the Reconstruction era, the United States passed the Civil Rights Act of 1875. The 43rd United States Congress passed the bill, and Ulysses S. Grant, the country’s president, signed it into law on March 1st, 1875. The law prohibits exclusion from jury duty and guarantees equality of treatment in public spaces and on public transportation in order to “protect all people in their civil and legal rights.”

The bill was drafted in early 1870 by United States Senator Charles Sumner, a Radical Republican in the Senate, with the assistance of John Mercer Langston, a prominent African American who founded Howard University’s law department.

The Supreme Court declared the public accommodations parts of the act unconstitutional in the Civil Rights Cases in 1883, holding that the Equal Protection Clause did not grant Congress the authority to regulate private individuals or corporations. In the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968, which both referenced the Commerce Clause as the basis for Congress’s authority to regulate private actors, portions of the Civil Rights Act of 1875 were later re-adopted.

Today’s Jeopardy! Contestants – Wednesday, March 1 2023

Tim ChoTim Cho is a Senior at Columbia University from Champaign, Illinois.

He was a 2018 Teen Tournament semifinalist, winning $10,000.

Dan OxmanDan Oxman is a Senior at the University of Maryland from South Orange, New Jersey.

He was a 2018 Teen Tournament quarterfinalist, winning $5,000.

Eesha SohailEesha Sohail is a UCLA Graduate from Bakersfield, California.

She was a 2019 Teen Tournament wildcard semifinalist, winning $10,000.

Contestant Image Credit: Jeopardy Website

Today’s Results & Who Won Jeopardy! Tonight – Wednesday, March 1 2023

Tim Cho was the winner today, getting Final Jeopardy correct in a runaway game!

Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Tim Cho
Senior at Columbia University
Champaign, Illinois

Winning Score: $20,000
Round 2 Score: $20,000
Round 1 Score: $10,600
Dan Oxman
Senior at the University of Maryland
South Orange, New Jersey

Final Score: $1,662
Round 2 Score: $1,700
Round 1 Score: $2,400
Eesha Sohail
UCLA Graduate
Bakersfield, California

Final Score: $10,517
Round 2 Score: $9,400
Round 1 Score: $3,000

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