The Real Murders of Atlanta “Cocaine Killer” S2E16 September 8 2023 on Oxygen

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Tonight (Friday September 8 2023), Oxygen broadcasts an episode of the series The Real Murders of Atlanta!


Cocaine Killer Season 2 Episode 16 Episode Summary

Dive into a true crime mystery that unravels a shocking tale from the ’90s Atlanta tech boom, as detectives peel back the layers to reveal a story of intrigue and deception.

In this episode, the narrative revolves around an IBM programmer who is found brutally shot to death in his home. The discovery takes a sinister turn as detectives also uncover a cache of cocaine surrounding the crime scene.

Set against the backdrop of the Atlanta tech boom, the victim’s persona as both a tech phenom and a family man adds complexity to the mystery. Detectives delve deep into his past, hoping to unearth clues that could shed light on his tragic end. However, the more they dig, the more they realize that not everything is as it appears.

What Time is the “Cocaine Killer” Episode On?

The Cocaine Killer episode of The Real Murders of Atlanta will be broadcast on September 8 2023 on Oxygen at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Cocaine Killer” Episode New?

The Cocaine Killer episode of The Real Murders of Atlanta is all new!

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The Real Murders of Atlanta Series Information

The Real Murders of Atlanta" portrays the horrifying cases that highlight the boundaries between gentrified Southern dynasties, hip-hop hustlers and the flashy nouveau riche of this metropolitan mecca of music, entertainment and tech. Told by the investigators, witnesses, reporters and loved ones who have direct connections to the cases, each hourlong story brings Atlanta's hustle and deadly decadence into sharp focus. It's the dark side of the New South, where deadly battles for status and affluence emerge between those who are willing to kill for the good life and those willing to kill to keep it.

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