Final Jeopardy 10/13/23 (Royalty) & Who Won Friday October 13 2023

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Today’s Final Jeopardy 10/13/2023 (Royalty) – Friday, October 13 2023

Before his death in 2005, he said he was “probably the last head of state to be able to recognize all his compatriots in the street”

Today’s Final Jeopardy Answer – Friday, October 13 2023

The Final Jeopardy Answer is: Prince Rainier III of Monaco

Final Jeopardy Explanation – Friday, October 13 2023

Rainier III, who was Monaco’s ruling prince until his death in 2005, once remarked that he could “probably recognize all his compatriots in the street.” This comment highlights the petite nature of Monaco, one of the world’s smallest nations with an area of just around 2.02 square kilometers. This small size afforded Rainier III an uncommonly intimate relationship with his citizenry, a situation almost unparalleled among modern heads of state.

Throughout his rule, Rainier III focused on lessening Monaco’s economic dependency on gambling. He shifted the country’s economic focus to other industries like tourism, real estate, and finance. His marriage to the American actress Grace Kelly in 1956 also drew global spotlight to the tiny state.

Today’s Jeopardy! Contestants – Friday, October 13 2023

wk5 1009 1013 stapleton homeSam Stapleton is a College Consultant from Los Gatos, California.
wk4 1002 1006 long homeLawrence Long is a Nursing Student & Stay-at-Home Uncle from East Bend, North Carolina.
wk5 1009 1013 velasco homeJoe Velasco is a Director of Customer Care from Originally La Mirada, California.

Contestant Image Credit: Jeopardy Website

Today’s Results & Who Won Jeopardy! Tonight – Friday, October 13 2023

The results of today’s game will be updated when it airs – warning: spoilers below!

Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Sam Stapleton
Los Gatos, California
College Consultant

Winning Score: $16,799
Round 2 Score: $18,400
Round 1 Score: $4,000
Lawrence Long
East Bend, North Carolina
Nursing Student & Stay-at-Home Uncle

Final Score: $0
Round 2 Score: $10,000
Round 1 Score: $6,000
Joe Velasco
Originally La Mirada, California
Director of Customer Care

Final Score: $7,300
Round 2 Score: $7,300
Round 1 Score: $4,600

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