Nova Scotian William Knapp Buckley devised a widely used antitussive, meaning a drug used against this

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Nova Scotian William Knapp Buckley devised a widely used antitussive, meaning a drug used against this

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The Final Jeopardy Answer is: Coughing

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William Knapp Buckley, hailing from Nova Scotia, is best known for founding Buckley’s, a brand under which he developed a widely recognized antitussive medication. This cough syrup, formulated to combat coughs, has become synonymous with effective relief for cough and cold symptoms. Antitussives, or cough suppressants, work by reducing the cough reflex, making them essential for treating dry, irritating coughs that do not produce mucus.

Buckley’s original formula gained popularity not only for its effectiveness but also for its notably strong taste, often described as unpleasant by many users. Despite this, the brand’s slogan, “It tastes awful. And it works,” humorously acknowledges the taste while emphasizing the syrup’s efficacy. Over the years, Buckley’s has expanded its product line to include a variety of cold and cough remedies, maintaining its reputation for providing potent relief.

The success of Buckley’s antitussive formula is a testament to William Knapp Buckley’s legacy in the field of over-the-counter medications. By addressing a common yet disruptive symptom such as coughing, Buckley’s solidified its place in the market and in the medicine cabinets of consumers seeking effective relief.

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