The Face Doctors “I Just Want A New Nose” S1E4 5 June 2024 on Really

On Wednesday 5 June 2024, Really broadcasts an episode of the series The Face Doctors!

I Just Want A New Nose Season 1 Episode 4 Episode Summary

In this episode of “The Face Doctors,” airing on Really, viewers are invited to witness the transformative journeys of individuals seeking to enhance their appearance and regain their confidence. In one story, Holly bravely shares her struggles with self-esteem and her desire for a straighter nose after enduring years of torment over her looks. Meanwhile, Leo opens up about his emotional journey of coping with isolation following the loss of his left eye to cancer.

Join the compassionate team of experts on “The Face Doctors” as they guide Holly and Leo through their respective cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. With sensitivity and professionalism, the doctors strive to provide personalized care and support to help each patient achieve their desired outcome and overcome their insecurities.

Through candid interviews and intimate moments, viewers gain insight into the physical and emotional challenges faced by Holly, Leo, and others undergoing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. From the initial consultation to the post-operative recovery process, “The Face Doctors” offers a compelling look at the transformative power of aesthetic procedures and the profound impact they can have on individuals’ lives.

So tune in to Really and witness the emotional journeys of Holly, Leo, and others as they embark on their quests for self-improvement and self-acceptance on “The Face Doctors.” With its blend of empathy, expertise, and real-life stories, this episode promises to inspire and uplift viewers with its message of empowerment and transformation.

What Time is the “I Just Want A New Nose” Episode On?

The I Just Want A New Nose episode of The Face Doctors will be broadcast on June 5 2024 on Really at 9:00 PM.

Is the “I Just Want A New Nose” Episode New?

The I Just Want A New Nose episode of The Face Doctors is all new!

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The Face Doctors Series Information

Following day-to-day life at Addenbrooke's Hospital, renowned for its cutting-edge support for patients seeking treatment or surgery for conditions that affect the face and neck.

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