In 1958 a review of this book now considered a classic called it repulsive, disgusting & “highbrow pornography”

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In 1958 a review of this book now considered a classic called it repulsive, disgusting & “highbrow pornography”

Final Jeopardy Answer

The Final Jeopardy Answer is: Lolita

Final Jeopardy Explanation 

“Lolita,” written by Vladimir Nabokov, elicited vehement reactions upon its publication due to its provocative and controversial subject matter. The novel’s central narrative, which details the obsessive love of Humbert Humbert for his twelve-year-old stepdaughter, Lolita, was considered shocking and morally reprehensible by many. Critics and the general public struggled with the book’s unsettling themes of pedophilia and manipulation, framed within an elegantly constructed literary text. While some hailed Nabokov’s stylistic brilliance and the novel’s ironic commentary on modern American culture, others condemned it outright, leading to its ban in several countries shortly after its release. The narrative’s exploration of dark human desires and the psychological manipulation of a child for sexual purposes forced readers to confront uncomfortable moral questions, challenging societal norms and personal ethics.

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