The First 48: Bad Company “The Code” June 12 2024 on A&E

On Wednesday June 12 2024, A&E broadcasts The First 48: Bad Company!

The Code Episode Summary

In this episode of “The First 48: Bad Company” on A&E, viewers are taken deep into the heart of a complex investigation as Tulsa detectives delve into the world of gang violence. With a young man’s life hanging in the balance, the stakes couldn’t be higher as the detectives race against the clock to unravel the truth behind his tragic murder.

As the investigation unfolds, the spotlight shines on the Neighborhood Crips, a notorious gang with a reputation for violence and intimidation. With tensions running high and loyalties tested, the detectives must navigate the treacherous underworld of gang activity to uncover the elusive “code” that governs their operations.

Against a backdrop of fear and mistrust, the detectives leave no stone unturned in their quest for justice. With each clue and lead, they inch closer to cracking the case and bringing the perpetrators to justice. But as the pressure mounts and the clock ticks down, the detectives must confront their own demons and confront the harsh realities of life on the streets.

In this gripping episode of “The First 48: Bad Company,” viewers are plunged into a world where loyalty is currency, and betrayal can be deadly. Tune in to A&E as the Tulsa detectives race against time to unravel “The Code” and bring closure to a community torn apart by violence.

What Time is the “The Code” Episode On?

The The Code episode of The First 48: Bad Company will be broadcast on June 12 2024 on A&E at 8:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “The Code” Episode New?

The The Code episode of The First 48: Bad Company is all new!

The First 48: Bad Company The Code Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Dion Graham

The Code Episode Videos & Previews

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The First 48: Bad Company Series Information

Detectives in major cities in the United States race against the clock in the wake of homicides, knowing that if they don't find a lead within the first 48 hours, their chances of solving a case are cut in half. The programme shows how detectives use forensic evidence and witness interviews to help identify suspects.

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