Expedition Unknown “Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise” July 10 2024 on Discovery

On Wednesday July 10 2024, Discovery broadcasts Expedition Unknown!

Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise Episode Summary

In this episode of “Expedition Unknown” on Discovery, titled “Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise,” viewers join host Josh Gates on a daring quest just off Florida’s coast. Gates ventures into shark-infested waters in pursuit of an American ship sunk by a Nazi U-boat during World War II. Teaming up with marine biologist Tristan Guttridge, who brings a bold new strategy to the table, the episode explores using sharks as unwitting allies to uncover the elusive wreck.

The episode unfolds with Gates and Guttridge employing innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology to track and analyze shark behavior. With Guttridge’s expertise in shark research and Gates’ adventurous spirit, the team navigates through historical archives and treacherous waters in a race against time to locate the sunken ship and unravel its wartime secrets.

Viewers can expect gripping underwater explorations, historical revelations, and the thrill of discovery as Gates and Guttridge delve into the intersection of military history and marine biology. The episode not only sheds light on the untold stories of World War II’s maritime conflicts but also showcases the resilience of nature and the collaborative efforts to preserve and study underwater heritage.

“Expedition Unknown” continues to captivate audiences with its blend of adventure, history, and scientific exploration. Whether you’re drawn to tales of exploration, fascinated by wartime mysteries, or intrigued by the symbiotic relationship between humans and marine life, tune in to Discovery to witness the riveting expedition in “Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise.”

What Time is the “Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise” Episode On?

The Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise episode of Expedition Unknown will be broadcast on July 10 2024 on Discovery at 9:01 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise” Episode New?

The Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise episode of Expedition Unknown is all new!

Expedition Unknown Sharks vs Nazis in Paradise Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Josh Gates

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Expedition Unknown Series Information

Intrigued by legendary mysteries and driven by curiosity, Josh Gates is on a mission for answers. `Exhibition Unknown' chronicles his global adventures as he investigates iconic unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures and other puzzling stories. Armed with a degree in archaeology, a quick wit and a thirst for action, Gates investigates recent developments before embarking on a detailed exploration. Whether he's trekking through Fiji in search of Amelia Earhart's remains or diving the deep seas of Panama to locate Captain Morgan's pirate ship, Gates' roughshod expeditions lead him one step closer to the truth.

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