Ridiculousness “Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII” S40E20 July 10 2024 on MTV

On Wednesday July 10 2024, MTV broadcasts Ridiculousness!

Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII Season 40 Episode 20 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Ridiculousness” on MTV, titled “Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII,” viewers are in for another round of laughter and absurdity with Rob, Steelo, and special guest Rocsi Diaz. The episode kicks off with a hilarious segment titled “Cool Bouncers,” where the hosts explore some of the most unconventional and entertaining bouncer moments caught on camera. From unexpected dance moves to surprising interactions with club-goers, this segment promises to showcase the lighter side of nightclub security.

Next up, the episode dives into “Destructo-Skulls,” celebrating individuals who seemingly have heads of steel as they endure and laugh off various mishaps and accidents. Viewers can expect a mix of jaw-dropping resilience and comedic reactions as Rob and Steelo highlight the incredible durability (or lack thereof) in these unforgettable clips.

The fun continues with “Dirt Baths,” a segment that gets messy as the hosts watch and comment on epic fails and mishaps involving dirt, mud, and unexpected encounters with the ground. Whether it’s extreme sports gone wrong or everyday slip-ups turned into hilarious moments, this segment promises plenty of laughs and cringe-worthy surprises.

“Ridiculousness” maintains its reputation for delivering outrageous and entertaining content that celebrates the absurdity of everyday life. With Rocsi Diaz joining Rob and Steelo, the chemistry and humor are sure to be on point as they riff on the wildest and most unexpected videos from around the web. Tune in to MTV to join in the laughter and enjoy the antics in “Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII” of “Ridiculousness.”

What Time is the “Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII” Episode On?

The Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII episode of Ridiculousness will be broadcast on July 10 2024 on MTV at 9:30 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII” Episode New?

The Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII episode of Ridiculousness is all new!

Ridiculousness Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Rob Dyrdek
Sterling "Steelo" Brim
Chanel West Coast

Sterling and Rocsi Diaz XXVII Episode Videos & Previews

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Ridiculousness Series Information

Don't be ridiculous! When it comes to Internet videos run amok, however, the more zany, unbelievable and downright dangerous the clips are, the greater the chance they'll be shown on this series. It features amateur viral videos being critiqued by MTV personality Rob Dyrdek ("Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory"), who knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope from his pro skateboarding days. With commentary from Sterling "Steelo" Brim and Chanel (the rapping receptionist from "Fantasy Factory"), Dyrdek breaks down the clips by putting them in such categories as "Hot Mess," "Worst Case Scenario," "Redneck Good Times" and "What Happened Last Night." It's sure to be seriously ridiculous.

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