Strange & Suspicious 10 July 2024 on TALK

On Wednesday 10 July 2024, TALK broadcasts Strange & Suspicious!

Episode Summary

In this episode of “Strange & Suspicious” airing on TALK, viewers are taken on a captivating exploration into the realm of unexplained phenomena and bizarre mysteries from across the world. Guided by a diverse panel including a retired cop, a private investigator, an archaeologist, a UFO investigator, a mathematician, and others, the episode delves deep into stories that defy conventional explanation.

From strange occurrences to unsolved mysteries, the episode invites viewers to unravel the secrets behind unusual events through expert analysis and firsthand accounts. With insights from a range of specialists, each bringing their unique perspective to the table, viewers can expect a thought-provoking journey that challenges perceptions and invites speculation.

Tune in to TALK for “Strange & Suspicious,” where intrigue meets investigation in a compelling exploration of the inexplicable. Whether you’re fascinated by paranormal phenomena, intrigued by historical enigmas, or simply enjoy delving into the unknown, this episode promises to deliver an engaging mix of curiosity, skepticism, and discovery.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Strange & Suspicious will be broadcast on July 10 2024 on TALK at 11:00 AM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Strange & Suspicious is all new!

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