VOCES “From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla)” S5E1 July 10 2024 on PBS

On Wednesday July 10 2024, PBS broadcasts VOCES!

From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla) Season 5 Episode 1 Episode Summary

In this episode of “VOCES” on PBS, titled “From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla),” viewers are introduced to Luis Cortes Romero, a DACA recipient and immigration attorney whose groundbreaking journey unfolds against the backdrop of a pivotal legal battle. As the first undocumented attorney to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Cortes Romero courageously puts his legal status on the line to join a prominent legal team dedicated to challenging the rescission of DACA.

The episode delves into Cortes Romero’s personal and professional challenges as he navigates the complexities of immigration law and advocates for the rights of DACA recipients. Viewers witness the emotional and legal stakes involved in his decision to take on such a high-profile case, highlighting the profound impact of immigration policies on individuals and communities across the United States.

Through compelling storytelling and intimate interviews, “From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla)” sheds light on the broader implications of DACA and the legal battles surrounding it. The episode not only explores Cortes Romero’s legal career and advocacy but also underscores the resilience and determination of undocumented immigrants striving for justice and recognition in the American legal system.

Tune in to PBS to experience the powerful narrative of “VOCES” as it chronicles Luis Cortes Romero’s journey and his pivotal role in the fight for immigrant rights in “From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla).” Whether you’re passionate about social justice issues, interested in legal dramas, or simply drawn to stories of courage and determination, this episode promises to inspire and provoke meaningful reflection on the complexities of immigration policy and its impact on individuals’ lives.

What Time is the “From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla)” Episode On?

The From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla) episode of VOCES will be broadcast on July 10 2024 on PBS at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla)” Episode New?

The From Here/From There (De Aqui/De Alla) episode of VOCES is all new!

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VOCES Series Information

Presented by PBS SoCaL, "VOCES on PBS" is an arts and culture documentary series that explores the diversity of the Latino cultural experience. Segments include profiles of female rodeo riders gearing up for the National Charro Championships in Mexico; interviews with three architects responsible for creating Cuba's National Art Schools; and the pros and cons of being a Latina actress in Hollywood. The series is produced by Latino Public Broadcasting.

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