48 Hours “Murder by Clown” July 13 2024 Recap & Preview

Get ready for a compelling encore presentation of “48 HOURS: Murder by Clown,” airing Saturday, July 13, 2024, at 9:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network and streaming on Paramount+. This chilling episode revisits the tragic events of May 26, 1990, when Marlene Warren answered her door at her Florida home to encounter a clown bearing balloons and flowers. In a shocking twist, she was fatally shot in front of her 21-year-old son, Joe Aherns, who witnessed the horrifying scene unfold.

The case has remained a haunting mystery for years, leaving investigators puzzled and the community shaken. Now, “48 HOURS” delves deep into the details, exploring the complexities surrounding Marlene Warren’s murder and the aftermath that continues to impact her loved ones. Correspondent Peter Van Sant conducts an intimate interview with Joe Aherns, offering viewers a firsthand account of the emotional toll and unanswered questions that linger decades later.

Throughout the episode, viewers will uncover new insights into the investigation, including potential motives and suspects that have surfaced over time. The narrative unfolds with suspense as “48 HOURS” pieces together the timeline of events leading up to that fateful moment at Marlene Warren’s doorstep and the subsequent efforts to seek justice.

Don’t miss this riveting episode of “48 HOURS,” which promises to delve into the heart of a perplexing murder case that has captivated audiences and investigators alike. Tune in on July 13, 2024, as the story of “Murder by Clown” unfolds, shedding light on a tragic event that continues to haunt those touched by its aftermath.

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