ABC 20/20 “‘The Last Hunt” July 12 2024 Recap & Preview

Catch “20/20” airing on Friday, July 12, 2024, from 9:01 to 11:00 p.m. EDT on ABC, with streaming available the next day on Hulu. This special episode investigates the mysterious death of Bianca Rudolph during an African safari in Zambia. Dr. Larry Rudolph and Bianca Rudolph were avid big game hunters, with Bianca tragically dying from a shotgun blast to the chest while hunting a leopard in 2016. Local authorities initially ruled her death accidental, but suspicions arose due to subsequent revelations.

The program delves into the investigation, featuring interviews that shed light on the case. Brian Lovelace, a former bartender, claims he overheard Larry confess to killing Bianca for his mistress, Lori Milliron, with whom he had allegedly been having an affair for over a decade. Julian Rudolph, Larry and Bianca’s son, shares his perspective on his mother’s death and his father’s potential involvement.

Chief national correspondent Matt Gutman travels to Zambia to interview Spencer Kakoma, the game scout who accompanied the Rudolphs on their hunt, and Musawa Musese, the parks investigator who was among the first at the crime scene. Additional interviews include former employees of Larry’s dental clinic, Anna Grimley and Sherry Houck, as well as insights from Tim Runco, Larry’s former dental partner, and others involved in the case.

Don’t miss “20/20” for an in-depth exploration of this tragic and intriguing case, uncovering new details and perspectives on Bianca Rudolph’s death and the subsequent investigations and legal proceedings surrounding it.

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