Happy Campers: The Caravan Park S5E6 11 July 2024 on Channel 5

On Thursday 11 July 2024, Channel 5 broadcasts Happy Campers: The Caravan Park!

Season 5 Episode 6 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Happy Campers: The Caravan Park” airing on Channel 5, viewers will be taken on a journey to caravan parks across Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset. The show delves into what it truly takes to create the perfect summer break for holiday-goers.

Audiences will get a glimpse into the world of charismatic staff and holiday-makers who embrace the ups and downs of caravan park life. Through their experiences, they help to shape and define the essence of the Great British holiday. From sunny days by the beach to unexpected challenges, this episode promises to showcase the diverse and colorful tapestry of caravan park living.

Join Channel 5 for an inside look at the joys and trials faced by those who call caravan parks their temporary home. “Happy Campers: The Caravan Park” offers a heartwarming and entertaining exploration of the unique community that comes together to create unforgettable summer memories.

What Time is the Episode On?

The episode of Happy Campers: The Caravan Park will be broadcast on July 11 2024 on Channel 5 at 7:00 PM.

Is the Episode New?

The episode of Happy Campers: The Caravan Park is all new!

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Happy Campers: The Caravan Park Series Information

Caravan parks across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset reveal just what it takes to make the perfect summer break. Following the charismatic staff and holiday-makers that take the rough with the smooth and help define the Great British holiday.

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