Scott Perry Jeopardy Contestant Statistics & Bio

Find out everything you need to know about Scott Perry, a Jeopardy Contestant first appearing on Season 39 of the show airing on February 9, 2023!

Scott Perry Biography & Profession

Scott Perry is a Associate Professor of History from Saint Petersburg, Florida.

NameScott Perry
ResidenceSaint Petersburg, Florida
ProfessionAssociate Professor of History at University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus

Previous Universities
  • Chapel Hill
  • Brevard College (North Carolina)
  • University of Central Florida (Orlando)
  • York University (Toronto)
Old English & Welsh Last Name Origin
EducationOhio University (double BAs in History and Latin)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (MA and PhD in History)
Biography/More DetailsHe has written several articles on a variety of subjects, including women and Greek athletics as well as Latin epigraphy (the study of inscriptions), sport terminology in the ancient world, and classical scholarship in fascist Italy. His first book, The Roman Collegia: The Modern Evolution of an Ancient Concept, was published in 2006 by Brill Academic Publishers in Leiden, the Netherlands. Three additional books, also published by Oxford University Press, examine the influence of historical ideas on 20th- and 21st-century film culture.

Has written 6 books to help professors use film to teach.

Scott Perry Jeopardy Results & Statistics

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DateReturning ChampionContestantContestant
Thursday, 9 February 2023Dan Wohl
Forest Hills, New York
High School History Teacher
1 Day Winnings of $26,799

Final Score: $2,999
Round 2 Score: $12,100
Round 1 Score: $5,200
Scott Perry
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Associate Professor of History

Final Score: $2
Round 2 Score: $5,600
Round 1 Score: $1,200
Mira Hayward
Portland, Oregon

Winning Score: $14,600
Round 2 Score: $10,600
Round 1 Score: $5,400

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