Who Is Kristen Thomas-McGill? Jeopardy Contestant Biography & Stats

Find out everything you need to know about Kristen Thomas-McGill, a Jeopardy Contestant appearing on Season 40 of the show airing on December 4, 2023!

Kristen Thomas-McGill Jeopardy Contestant Profile – Biography & Profession

Kristen Thomas-McGill is a Graduate Student & Historian from Originally Louisville, Kentucky.

NameKristen Thomas-McGill
Location & ResidenceOriginally Louisville, Kentucky
Profession & JobsGraduate Student & Historian
Gender & SexFemale
Age & Date of Birth
Nationality & EthnicityAmerican
Education & SchoolM.A., Gender, Sexuality and Culture (Birkbeck, University of London), B.A., East Asian Studies (Wittenberg University)
Relationships & Family
Biography & More DetailsDissertation on Hector Macdonald, focusing on a cultural biography of memorialization and child sexual abuse in the British Empire. Competed on “Jeopardy!”. Member of the History Department’s Gender and Sexualities Research Cluster at University of California Santa Barbara.

Kristen Thomas-McGill, originally from Louisville, Kentucky, is an American graduate student and historian. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in history at the University of California Santa Barbara, where she is also a member of the History Department’s Gender and Sexualities Research Cluster. Her academic focus includes modern Britain, empire, Victorian studies, and queer histories. Kristen’s dissertation, titled “Now I am Going to Tell You about Sir Hector Macdonald: A Cultural Biography of Memorialization and Child Sexual Abuse in the British Empire,” offers a new perspective on the life of Hector Macdonald, challenging previous narratives and focusing on the experiences of his abuse survivors. Her educational background includes an M.A. in Gender, Sexuality, and Culture from Birkbeck, University of London, and a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Wittenberg University. Additionally, Kristen has gained public attention by competing on the television quiz show “Jeopardy!”.

Kristen Thomas-McGill Jeopardy Results & Statistics

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Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Monday, 4 December 2023Julia Markham Cameron
Brooklyn, New York

Winning Score: $19,600
Round 2 Score: $12,600
Round 1 Score: $3,000
Finn Corrigan
Vista, California
Student & Postal Clerk

Final Score: $8,600
Round 2 Score: $10,400
Round 1 Score: $3,600
Kristen Thomas-McGill
Originally Louisville, Kentucky
Graduate Student & Historian

Final Score: $17,200
Round 2 Score: $12,600
Round 1 Score: $1,800

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