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Find out everything you need to know about Patrick Hume, a Jeopardy Contestant appearing on Season 40 of the show airing on December 6, 2023!

Patrick Hume Jeopardy Contestant Profile – Biography & Profession

Patrick Hume is a Client Operations Director from Van Nuys, California.

NamePatrick Hume
Location & ResidenceVan Nuys, California
Profession & JobsClient Operations Director at Iyuno
Gender & SexMale
Age & Date of Birth
Nationality & EthnicityAmerican
Education & SchoolLesley University: Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing – Writing for the Stage and Screen (2010 – 2012) <br> Brandeis University: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and American Literature, Creative Writing, Film Studies (2003 – 2007)
Relationships & Family
Biography & More DetailsPatrick Hume is a skilled project manager specializing in localization and post-production services. He has extensive experience in managing multi-cultural teams and client/vendor relationships. His background includes writing, marketing, and technology, with a focus on facilitating workflow, innovating solutions, and addressing software bugs. Previous roles include Planning Manager at Visual Data Media Services, Production Coordinator, Senior Copy Editor at Quality Media, English Learning Specialist at Bunker Hill Community College, Customer Service Representative at 48hourprint.com, Marketing Assistant at Cheng & Tsui Company and Pearson North America, and Database Project Specialist at Pearson Custom Publishing.

Patrick Hume, residing in Van Nuys, California, is a Client Operations Director at Iyuno. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University and a BA in English and American Literature from Brandeis University. With a rich background in project management, particularly in localization and post-production services, Hume excels in managing diverse teams and client relationships. His career spans various roles, including Planning Manager, Production Coordinator, and Senior Copy Editor, demonstrating his versatility and expertise in writing, marketing, and technology.

Patrick Hume Jeopardy Results & Statistics

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12/28/2023Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Wednesday, 6 December 2023Ed Coulson
Dana Point, California
Economics & Real Estate Professor

Winning Score: $20,401
Round 2 Score: $14,600
Round 1 Score: $4,400
Kate Freeman
Originally Lake Orion, Michigan
Financial Manager

Final Score: $7,799
Round 2 Score: $9,000
Round 1 Score: $2,200
Patrick Hume
Van Nuys, California
Client Operations Director

Final Score: $18,001
Round 2 Score: $10,200
Round 1 Score: $7,200

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