Good Sam “Butt of the Joke” Cast, Plot, Watch & Time Tonight 3/16/22

Tonight (Wednesday March 16 2022), CBS broadcasts an all new episode of the series “Good Sam” titled “Butt of the Joke“.

We’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about tonight’s episode, including if it’s new, the time, cast, how to watch and all the episode details!

Butt of the Joke Season 1, Episode 3 Episode Summary

When Dr. Sam Griffith (Sophia Bush) refuses to concede her role as chief, her father Griff (Jason Isaacs)
orchestrates a costly surprise. Also, Sam’s mother, hospital administrator Vivian (Wendy Crewson), turns to her new spouse, therapist Asher Pyne (Sendhil Ramamurthy), for help navigating the battle between her daughter and ex-husband.

Is Tonight’s Episode New or a Repeat?

Unfortunately, tonight’s “Butt of the Joke” episode of “Good Sam” is a repeat.

What Time is Tonight’s Episode On?

Tonight’s “Butt of the Joke” episode will be broadcast on CBS at 10:00PM ET/PT.

Butt of the Joke Episode Video Preview

Good Sam Butt of the Joke Cast


Sophia Bush (Dr. Sam Griffith)
Jason Isaacs (Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith)
Skye P. Marshall (Dr. Lex Trulie)
Michael Stahl-David (Dr. Caleb Tucker)
Omar Maskati (Dr. Isan M. Shah)
Davi Santos (Dr. Joey Costa)
Wendy Crewson (Vivian Katz)
Edwin Hodge (Malcolm A. Kingsley)


Marium Carvell (Nurse Donna Williams)
Asher Pyne (Sendhil Ramamurthy)
Evan Parke (Byron Kingsley)
Yanna McIntosh (Dr. Rhonda Glass)
Douglas Hughes (Bernie)
Oshini Wanigasekera (Meg)
Brian Paul (Dr. Alex Anders)
Carly Street (Tracy Reynolds)
Kevin Bundy (Baldwin)
Fallon Bowman (Bianca)
Natalia Jonas (Lily)

Watch Tonight’s “Butt of the Joke” Episode

You can find episodes on the CBS website and watch full episodes on Paramount+.

Good Sam Series Information

Good Sam stars Sophia Bush and Jason Isaacs in a drama about Dr. Sam Griffith, a gifted heart surgeon who excels in her new leadership role as chief of surgery after her renowned boss falls into a coma. When her former boss wakes up months later demanding to resume his duties, Sam is tasked with supervising this egotistical expert with a scalpel who never acknowledged her stellar talent. Complicating matters, the caustic and arrogant Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith also happens to be her father. As Griff defies Sam’s authority and challenges her medical expertise, the big question becomes whether this father and daughter will ever be able to mend their own relationship as expertly as they heal the hearts of their patients.

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