Alex Matthews

Alex has been an avid fan of television since they were a child, always eager to discover new shows and characters. Over the years, Alex has written numerous articles and essays about television, exploring the themes, characters, and cultural impact of some of the most beloved shows of our time.

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  1. Patricia robbins says:

    In the Light of day was such a suspicious back and forth of the court system. If the presiding judge saw it, why didn’t the jury. I never heard or saw MOTIVE come up at all the prosecutor, was a stick up his butt, win no matter who I hurt. The whole system is a joke, when they will spent all of that time an money on a case, where the evidence is so thin, and yet, as a white woman, I see them go after black people all the time, I am in Canada and it blows my mind the injustice Could go on but what is the sense

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