Dog Squad 24/11/22 S1E14 “Mission” on CBeebies

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Tonight (Thursday 24 November 2022), CBeebies broadcasts an episode of the series Dog Squad titled Mission.

Mission Season 1, Episode 14 Episode Summary

Golden Labrador Kika serves as a guide dog for her blind owner, Dr. Amit, who is visually impaired. She is instructed to use her supersight to assist Dr. Amit in doing as many tasks as he can on his own. They work best together as a team. Dr. Amit needs to post an extremely essential letter. But first, he and Kika must to the store to purchase a stamp in time to receive the final delivery.

What Time is the “Mission” Episode On?

The Mission episode of Dog Squad will be broadcast on November 24 2022 on CBeebies at 4:00 PM.

Is the “Mission” Episode New?

The Mission episode of Dog Squad is all new!

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