Destination Fear “Ashmore Estates” S4E6 December 30 2022 on Travel

Tonight (Friday December 30 2022), Travel broadcasts an episode of the series Destination Fear!

Ashmore Estates Season 4 Episode 6 Episode Summary

Dakota, Chelsea, and Tanner are in for a big surprise when Alex takes them to an Illinois poorhouse that they promised they would never visit again to see whether sad new facts about the area will prompt them to reconsider the haunting.

What Time is the “Ashmore Estates” Episode On?

The Ashmore Estates episode of Destination Fear will be broadcast on December 30 2022 on Travel at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Ashmore Estates” Episode New?

The Ashmore Estates episode of Destination Fear is all new!

Destination Fear Ashmore Estates Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Dakota Laden
Chelsea Laden
Tanner Wiseman
Alex Schroeder

Ashmore Estates Episode Videos & Previews

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Destination Fear Series Information

In Travel Channel's "Destination Fear," documentary filmmaker Dakota Laden, his sister, Chelsea, and his best friend, Tanner Wiseman, travel across the country in an RV to spend nights in haunted locations. From asylums to prisons, they explore abandoned buildings using scientific equipment to capture evidence of paranormal activity. At each site, the luck of the draw determines where each one of them will sleep -- alone and separate from each other -- armed with cameras and dread as their only companions. Episodes include a visit to Brushy State Penitentiary, which is rumored to be rife with paranormal activity. At Old South Pittsburg Hospital, Dakota prepares sister Chelsea to confront a specter that attacks only women. In West Virginia, the team visits Sweet Springs Sanitarium, the site of a massacre of Native Americans, where they hear screams, voices and chants. They also revisit St. Albans Sanatorium, even though Chelsea has vowed she would never return to this awful place.

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