Lagging “Cringe Dad” S2E3 25 January 2023 on CBBC

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Tonight (Wednesday 25 January 2023), CBBC broadcasts an episode of the series Lagging!

Cringe Dad Season 2 Episode 3 Episode Summary

On the SMoRCle livestream, Sol’s Dad is defeated by a tree, and the internet goes crazy over it. When Ray’s gift goes missing, Cedric loses his cool.

What Time is the “Cringe Dad” Episode On?

The Cringe Dad episode of Lagging will be broadcast on January 25 2023 on CBBC at 6:00 PM.

Is the “Cringe Dad” Episode New?

The Cringe Dad episode of Lagging is all new!

Lagging Cringe Dad Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Sol (Yoni Bronks)
Mo (Isaac Khan)
Ray (Armandas Martin Gilys)
Cedric (Seyi Andes-Pelumi)
Leah (Sienna Clarke)

Cringe Dad Episode Videos & Previews

Watch Lagging Cringe Dad Online

Lagging Series Information

Lagging is a comedy-drama that follows a group of five 12 year-old gamers. Each has their own unique personality traits that they bring to the team, enabling them to face quests and conquer the gaming world. But as five very different friends who don’t also quite fit together, surviving the challenging missions of real life often proves a much trickier game.

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