7 Toughest Days “Oman” S1E2 February 14 2023 on National Geographic

Tonight (Tuesday February 14 2023), National Geographic broadcasts an episode of the series 7 Toughest Days!

Oman Season 1 Episode 2 Episode Summary

In order to find water and make it to safety, Dwayne must trek across a parched desert.

What Time is the “Oman” Episode On?

The Oman episode of 7 Toughest Days will be broadcast on February 14 2023 on National Geographic at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Oman” Episode New?

The Oman episode of 7 Toughest Days is all new!

7 Toughest Days Oman Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Dwayne Fields

Oman Episode Videos & Previews

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7 Toughest Days Series Information

Dwayne Fields grew up around violent gangs and is a natural-born survivor who has stared death in the face his entire life. He escaped the inner city to become an explorer, and he conquered the brutal magnetic north pole, becoming the first Black British citizen to achieve this accomplishment. His unmatched resilience, unique spirit and optimism have him determined to push himself to the absolute edge. In this series, Fields is dropped into some of the most extreme places on Earth for seven whole days when epic natural forces combine to supersize external threats. His task is to keep himself and his small film crew alive and lead them to an extraction point, revealing incredible moments on Earth only a few have witnessed.

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