An 1869 presidential pardon was granted to this man due in part to a plea by the Medical Society of Harford County Maryland

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An 1869 presidential pardon was granted to this man, due in part to a plea by the Medical Society of Harford County, Maryland

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The Final Jeopardy Answer is: Samuel Mudd

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Samuel Alexander Mudd Sr. was an American physician who was imprisoned for plotting the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln with John Wilkes Booth.

Mudd worked in Southern Maryland as a doctor and tobacco farmer. The Civil War severely harmed his business, particularly after Maryland abolished slavery in 1864. That year, he met Booth, who was plotting the kidnapping of Lincoln, and Mudd was seen with three of the conspirators. However, his exact role in the plot is unknown.

On April 14, 1865, Booth fatally shot Lincoln, but was injured while fleeing the scene. He then rode to Mudd’s house in the early hours of April 15 for surgery on his fractured leg. Mudd did not notify the authorities of Booth’s visit for another 24 hours. This fact, along with his various changes of story during interrogation, appeared to link him to the crime. Mudd was found guilty of aiding and conspiring in a murder by a military commission and sentenced to life in prison.

In 1869, Mudd was pardoned and released from prison in 1869 by President Andrew Johnson, after the Medical Society of Harford County, Maryland, of which Mudd was an Associate, petitioned for his pardon.

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