Backed by 14000 troops he invaded England to restore in his words its religion laws and liberties

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Backed by 14,000 troops, he invaded England to restore in his words, its “religion, laws, and liberties”

Final Jeopardy Answer

The Final Jeopardy Answer is: William III of Orange

Final Jeopardy Explanation

The Glorious Revolution was the series of events that resulted in James II and VII of England, Ireland, and Scotland being removed from power in November 1688 and being succeeded as de facto rulers of the Dutch Republic by his daughter Mary II, her husband, and James’ nephew William III of Orange. It has been referred to as both an internal coup and the final successful invasion of England.

The Prince of Orange made a declaration in October 1688 of the reasons inducing him to appear in arms in England – “preserving the Protestant religion, and for restoring the laws and liberties of England, Scotland, and Ireland”.

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