Drain the Oceans “Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets” S5 March 19 2023 on National Geographic

Tonight (Sunday March 19 2023), National Geographic broadcasts an episode of the series Drain the Oceans!

Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets Season 5 Episode Summary

Fact might be stranger than fiction in the shadow of the Hollywood sign.

What Time is the “Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets” Episode On?

The Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets episode of Drain the Oceans will be broadcast on March 19 2023 on National Geographic at 11:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets” Episode New?

The Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets episode of Drain the Oceans is all new!

Drain the Oceans Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Craig Sechler
Russell Boulter
Eric Grove
David Griffin
Blaine Gibson
Kenneth Lacovara
Jon Henderson
Walter Smith
Sean Gulick
Chris Goldfinger

Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets Episode Videos & Previews

Watch Drain the Oceans Hollywood’s Hidden Secrets Online

Drain the Oceans Series Information

Maritime mysteries - old and new - come to life in this 10-episode series, combining scientific data and digital re-creations to reveal shipwrecks, treasures, and sunken cities on the bottom of lakes, seas and oceans around the world. Innovative technology allows viewers to see what lies on the floors of large bodies of water such as the Gulf of Mexico, the Nile, the Indian Ocean, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean as if they had been drained. Then, in a quest to explain natural wonders and man-made catastrophes, stories tell of how vessels sank, what ancient geological formations reveal about life on Earth, where Nazi secrets now reside, and why so many continue to search for the legendary city of Atlantis.

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