The Patient “Pastitsio” S1E5 May 11 2023 on FX

Tonight (Thursday May 11 2023), FX broadcasts an episode of the series The Patient!

Pastitsio Season 1 Episode 5 Episode Summary

Dr. Strauss, Sam, and Elias are about to face difficulties as Sam reaches out to a woman from his past.

What Time is the “Pastitsio” Episode On?

The Pastitsio episode of The Patient will be broadcast on May 11 2023 on FX at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Pastitsio” Episode New?

The Pastitsio episode of The Patient is all new!

The Patient Pastitsio Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Steve Carell as Alan Strauss
Jackson Dollinger as young Alan Strauss
Domhnall Gleeson as Sam Fortner
Andrew Leeds as Ezra Strauss
Laura Niemi as Beth Strauss
Alex Rich as Elias
David Alan Grier as Charlie Addison

Pastitsio Episode Videos & Previews

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The Patient Series Information

Therapist, Alan Strauss, is held prisoner by a patient, Sam Fortner, who reveals himself to be a serial killer. Sam has an unusual therapeutic demand for Alan: curb his homicidal urges. In order to survive, Alan must unwind Sam's disturbed mind and stop him from killing again but Sam refuses to address critical topics, like his mother Candace. Alone in captivity, Alan excavates his own past through memories of his old therapist, Charlie, and grapples with waves of his own repressed troubles -- the recent death of his wife, Beth, and the painful estrangement from his religious son, Ezra. Over the course of his imprisonment, Alan uncovers not only how deep Sam's compulsion runs, but also how much work he has to do to repair the rift in his own family.

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