The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 15 “The Hat Trick” June 1 2023 Preview & Spoilers

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Prepare for an electrifying episode of “The Blacklist” as the popular NBC crime thriller returns.

Find out everything you need to know about the The Hat Trick episode of The Blacklist, including a full preview, videos, release date, cast information and how to watch!

The Blacklist The Hat Trick Season 10 Episode 15 Preview

In this upcoming episode titled “The Hat Trick,” the enigmatic Reddington takes center stage once again, presenting the task force with a trio of criminal cases that are more complex than they initially appear. With the team’s credibility on the line, Reddington is determined to prove their worth to Congressman Hudson. Join us as we delve into the intricate web of these cases, unravelling hidden layers and shocking revelations along the way.

As the task force delves deeper into the three interconnected criminal investigations, tensions rise, and loyalties are tested. Each case brings its own set of challenges and dangers, pushing the team to their limits. Brace yourself for heart-pounding moments as they race against the clock to uncover the truth and bring justice to those involved.

In a parallel storyline, Agent Ressler finds himself assisting a friend in making amends for past mistakes. As he navigates the complexities of this personal journey, Ressler’s loyalty and determination shine through, highlighting the depth and integrity of his character. Witness the emotional and moral dilemmas Ressler faces as he seeks redemption for himself and those he cares about.

James Spader stars as Raymond “Red” Reddington, a master manipulator with a hidden agenda. Megan Boone shines as Elizabeth Keen, an FBI profiler entangled in Reddington’s enigmatic world. The ensemble cast includes Diego Klattenhoff as Agent Donald Ressler and Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper.

The Blacklist The Hat Trick Cast

Looking to find out the cast and guest stars for the The Blacklist The Hat Trick episode of The Blacklist? We’ve got you covered!

Main Cast
James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington
Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler
Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper
Amir Arison as Aram Mojtabai
Mozhan MarnĂ² as Samar Navabi
Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma
Laura Sohn as Alina Park
Anya Banerjee as Siya Malik
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast
Alex Brightman as Herbie Hambright
Mackenzie Astin as Jonathan Pritchard
Marceline Hugot as Nurse Jacobus
Jordan Bridges as Todd Wagner
Tara Westwood as Rebecca Anders
Bill Winkler as Dalton Chase
Dina Drew as Nurse Supervisor
Jonathan Spivey as Matt Walden
Brian Rock as Malcolm Revill
Jacqueline Torres as Lyn Ortiz
Paula Leggett Chase as Sandy Roberts
Steve Blanchard as Alexander Addabbo
Cedric Leiba Jr. as Bystander
Walt Frasier as Bus Driver
Ezioma Asonye as Abby Ryder
Leigh DeLollis as Aimee Addabbo

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