60 Minutes CBS May 28 2023 Preview

Prepare for an insightful and thought-provoking evening as 60 Minutes returns with a lineup of compelling stories in this post-season edition. On Sunday, May 28, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM ET/PT, viewers will be taken on a journey to uncover the truth behind crucial global issues and explore inspiring tales of resilience and self-discovery.

First on the list is “Radio Free Europe,” a segment that sheds light on the transformation of Radio Free Europe from a relic of the Cold War era to a vital tool in the battle against disinformation and authoritarianism, particularly since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Bill Whitaker takes viewers inside the RFE headquarters in Prague, where brave journalists tirelessly combat falsehoods and deliver fearless reporting. Discover the bipartisan support that has bolstered RFE’s $140 million budget, funded by American taxpayers. Graham Messick and Jack Weingart skillfully produce this eye-opening segment.

Next, embark on a journey to Mozambique as Scott Pelley presents “Return to Gorongosa.” Once a majestic African national park devastated by three decades of war, Gorongosa has found a way to reclaim its splendor with the help of Greg Carr, a former tech entrepreneur from Idaho. Witness the remarkable revival of both the park and its people, as they strive to restore and protect their cherished wildlife. Henry Schuster and Sarah Turcotte bring this captivating story to life through their exceptional production.

In the following segment, Anderson Cooper delves into the world of music with “The Guru.” Cooper profiles renowned music producer Rick Rubin, an influential figure who defies convention by guiding his artists to tap into their creativity through unconventional means, such as meditation, rather than relying solely on marketing strategies. Gain insight into Rubin’s unique approach and its impact on the music industry. Nichole Marks skillfully produces this segment, offering viewers an intimate look into the creative process.

As the clock strikes 8:00 PM ET/PT, 60 Minutes Presents: Revisiting the Past begins with a powerful segment titled “Canada’s Unmarked Graves.” Anderson Cooper sheds light on Canada’s residential school system, a dark chapter in the nation’s history that forcibly removed over 150,000 indigenous children from their communities. Cooper explores the aftermath of the discovery of 200 unmarked graves at an old school, igniting a renewed focus on this harrowing era. Michael H. Gavshon and Nadim Roberts craft this compelling story that prompts reflection and calls for acknowledgment.

Finally, Lesley Stahl takes viewers on an emotional journey in “Sharswood.” Join Fred Miller and his family as they stumble upon a revelation about their ancestors while purchasing a house in southern Virginia. Unbeknownst to them, their great-great-grandparents, Violet and David Miller, were once enslaved on the very plantation where their new home stands. Explore the profound impact this discovery has on the family as they navigate the difficult path of confronting their past. Shari Finkelstein delivers this double-length segment that brings to light the struggles faced by African American families seeking to uncover their own histories.

Don’t miss this captivating lineup of stories on 60 Minutes this Sunday, May 28, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM ET/PT. Brace yourself for an evening of groundbreaking journalism, heartwarming resilience, and the pursuit of truth. Tune in and prepare to be informed and inspired.

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