LEGO DreamZzz “Chased Dreamers” S1E3 27 May 2023 on Pop

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Tonight (Saturday 27 May 2023), Pop broadcasts an episode of the series LEGO DreamZzz!


Chased Dreamers Season 1 Episode 3 Episode Summary

Mateo and his buddies must fight the Dream Forge guardian in order to create their own hourglasses and qualify as authorised Dream Chasers for the Night Bureau.

What Time is the “Chased Dreamers” Episode On?

The Chased Dreamers episode of LEGO DreamZzz will be broadcast on May 27 2023 on Pop at 9:30 AM.

Is the “Chased Dreamers” Episode New?

The Chased Dreamers episode of LEGO DreamZzz is all new!

LEGO DreamZzz Chased Dreamers Cast & Stars

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Chased Dreamers Episode Videos & Previews

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LEGO DreamZzz Series Information

Mateo is a boy who one night realises that he must assert himself as the defender of dreams against the Nightmare King and his nasty machinations. In the morning, creatures from Mateo's dream are suddenly reality and a lot has changed.

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