Final Jeopardy 6/8/23 (Business History) & Who Won Thursday June 8 2023

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Today’s Final Jeopardy 6/8/2023 (Business History) – Thursday, June 8 2023

What is dubbed “the world’s first initial public offering” took place in 1602 in this current European capital

Today’s Final Jeopardy Answer – Thursday, June 8 2023

The Final Jeopardy Answer is: Amsterdam 

Final Jeopardy Explanation – Thursday, June 8 2023

In 1602, the Dutch East India Company, or Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC), conducted the world’s first known initial public offering (IPO) in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. This historic move allowed the company to gather significant capital by offering shares to the general public.

This financial injection enabled the VOC to fund its extensive ventures throughout Asia. The company was granted exclusive rights over the Dutch spice trade, a privilege that allowed it to construct an impressive trading network with stations scattered around the Indian Ocean.

The VOC released its shares on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, which holds the distinction of being the world’s oldest stock exchange. The shares of the VOC were freely tradable, and their value varied based on market supply and demand, mirroring the mechanics of present-day stock markets. The system permitted investors to purchase, sell, and even short sell VOC’s shares, marking the creation of a notably advanced market for that era.

Today’s Jeopardy! Contestants – Thursday, June 8 2023

Suresh KrishnanSuresh Krishnan is a Networking Engineer from Suwanee, Georgia.

2 Day Winnings of $21,099

David FordDavid Ford is a Sales Manager from Pasadena, Maryland.
Allison StrekalAllison Strekal is a Nonprofit Development Director from Missoula, Montana.

Contestant Image Credit: Jeopardy Website

Today’s Results & Who Won Jeopardy! Tonight – Thursday, June 8 2023

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Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Suresh Krishnan
Networking Engineer
Suwanee, Georgia
2 Day Winnings of $21,099

Winning Score: $17,100
Round 2 Score: $12,800
Round 1 Score: $2,400
David Ford
Sales Manager
Pasadena, Maryland

Final Score: $200
Round 2 Score: $4,400
Round 1 Score: $1,200
Allison Strekal
Nonprofit Development Director
Missoula, Montana

Final Score: $8,399
Round 2 Score: $17,000
Round 1 Score: $7,000

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