The Sound Collector “The Sound of Mole” S1E37 17 June 2023 on ITV BE

Tonight (Saturday 17 June 2023), ITV BE broadcasts an episode of the series The Sound Collector!

The Sound of Mole Season 1 Episode 37 Episode Summary

In this installment, viewers will witness the Sound Collector going about his daily chores, with a watchful eye on Mole as she frolics in the garden with her ball. From the kitchen window, he becomes an amused spectator to Mole’s playful escapades.

As Mole chases a butterfly with boundless energy, laughter fills the air. However, her innocent fun takes an unexpected turn when she rolls in something utterly disgusting on her back, much to the amusement of both the Sound Collector and the audience.

What Time is the “The Sound of Mole” Episode On?

The The Sound of Mole episode of The Sound Collector will be broadcast on June 17 2023 on ITV BE at 10:20 AM.

Is the “The Sound of Mole” Episode New?

The The Sound of Mole episode of The Sound Collector is all new!

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