The Sound Collector “Apple Bobbing” S1E38 18 June 2023 on ITV BE

Tonight (Sunday 18 June 2023), ITV BE broadcasts an episode of the series The Sound Collector!

Apple Bobbing Season 1 Episode 38 Episode Summary

“The Sound Collector” takes viewers on a sensory journey as the host embarks on a quest to discover the most delectable apple for an apple pie recipe. From the rustling of leaves to the crisp sound of biting into a juicy apple, every sound is carefully captured to create a truly immersive experience for the audience.

As the host explores orchards and apple farms, viewers will be treated to stunning visuals of picturesque landscapes and bountiful apple trees. Along the way, the host encounters farmers and apple enthusiasts who share their expertise and passion for these delicious fruits. Through their stories, viewers will gain a deeper appreciation for the art of apple farming and the dedication that goes into cultivating the perfect apple.

What Time is the “Apple Bobbing” Episode On?

The Apple Bobbing episode of The Sound Collector will be broadcast on June 18 2023 on ITV BE at 10:20 AM.

Is the “Apple Bobbing” Episode New?

The Apple Bobbing episode of The Sound Collector is all new!

The Sound Collector Apple Bobbing Cast & Stars

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