The Sound Collector “Loud Music” S1E39 19 June 2023 on ITV BE

Tonight (Monday 19 June 2023), ITV BE broadcasts an episode of the series The Sound Collector!

Loud Music Season 1 Episode 39 Episode Summary

In this episode, the lovable Mole stumbles upon an old tape of the Sound Collector playing in a band, sparking a rockstar transformation in our beloved protagonist. With his trusty electric guitar in hand, the Sound Collector sets out on a mission alongside Mole to collect an array of captivating sounds.

As the Sound Collector dives deeper into his newfound musical passion, viewers are treated to a delightful exploration of the power of sound. From the gentle rustling of leaves to the thunderous crash of waves, the Sound Collector and Mole traverse various locations to capture the unique sounds that surround them. Every step of the way, the Sound Collector’s infectious enthusiasm for music and the beauty of sound shines through.

What Time is the “Loud Music” Episode On?

The Loud Music episode of The Sound Collector will be broadcast on June 19 2023 on ITV BE at 10:20 AM.

Is the “Loud Music” Episode New?

The Loud Music episode of The Sound Collector is all new!

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