Great British Railway Journeys “Oldham to Wakefield” S14E3 21 June 2023 on BBC Two

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Tonight (Wednesday 21 June 2023), BBC Two broadcasts an episode of the series Great British Railway Journeys!

Oldham to Wakefield Season 14 Episode 3 Episode Summary

In this upcoming titled “Oldham to Wakefield,” Michael Portillo embarks on a fascinating railway journey, exploring the rich cultural history of the towns along the way.

As the train chugs along, Michael finds himself at the Oldham Coliseum, a magnificent Victorian repertory theater. Nestled in the heart of Oldham, this historic venue has witnessed the transformative power of the arts. In the stalls of the Coliseum, Michael delves into the intriguing story of how the lifting of censorship laws paved the way for theatres to stage daring and risqué productions.

During his visit, Michael discovers how the newfound freedom of expression allowed playwrights like Tennessee Williams to showcase their bold and thought-provoking works. From provocative themes to unconventional storytelling, these productions pushed boundaries and challenged societal norms, leaving a lasting impact on the world of theater.

What Time is the “Oldham to Wakefield” Episode On?

The Oldham to Wakefield episode of Great British Railway Journeys will be broadcast on June 21 2023 on BBC Two at 6:30 PM.

Is the “Oldham to Wakefield” Episode New?

The Oldham to Wakefield episode of Great British Railway Journeys is all new!

Great British Railway Journeys Oldham to Wakefield Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Michael Portillo

Oldham to Wakefield Episode Videos & Previews

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Great British Railway Journeys Series Information

Documentary series in which Michael Portillo travels the length and breadth of the country by train.

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