Yellowstone Wardens “Bear Country” S1E12 July 2 2023 on Animal Planet

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Tonight (Sunday July 2 2023), Animal Planet broadcasts an episode of the series Yellowstone Wardens!

Bear Country Season 1 Episode 12 Episode Summary

In the episode of “Yellowstone Wardens,” viewers are in for an exciting and educational adventure as the wardens face a series of intense situations in the wilderness of Montana. Led by a resilient and knowledgeable cast, this episode promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The episode kicks off with a thrilling chase as the wardens set out to apprehend a hunter who evaded a routine check. With their expertise and determination, they navigate the rugged terrain and employ their extensive tracking skills to bring the hunter to justice. Witness the high-stakes pursuit unfold as the wardens employ their knowledge of the wilderness to outsmart the elusive offender.

As the episode progresses, the devastating impact of drought conditions in Montana becomes apparent. The severe lack of rainfall forces the wardens to make a difficult decision, temporarily shutting down hunting and fishing activities for the season. Explore the ecological implications of this decision and understand the wardens’ commitment to preserving the delicate balance of the environment.

However, the challenges don’t end there. A mischievous pack of bears ventures into town, causing a stir among the local residents. Witness the wardens’ swift response as they strive to protect both the community and the bears themselves. Gain insights into their strategies for safely managing human-wildlife interactions and ensuring the well-being of both species.

What Time is the “Bear Country” Episode On?

The Bear Country episode of Yellowstone Wardens will be broadcast on July 2 2023 on Animal Planet at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Bear Country” Episode New?

The Bear Country episode of Yellowstone Wardens is all new!

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A look at the lives of Montana conservation officers who defend public lands, handle anti-poaching sting operations and more.

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