You, Me & My Ex “The Ex-plosion” S2E12 July 3 2023 on TLC

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Tonight (Monday July 3 2023), TLC broadcasts an episode of the series You, Me & My Ex!

The Ex-plosion Season 2 Episode 12 Episode Summary

In this episode, Alex and Caroline’s seemingly innocent Sip & See event takes an unexpected turn, transforming into a Sip ‘n’ Tsunami of emotions and confrontations.

Roy and April find themselves face-to-face once again, forced to confront their unfinished business. Will they find closure, or will their unresolved issues continue to haunt their lives? Expect intense emotions and dramatic confrontations as they navigate the complexities of their past.

Meanwhile, tensions rise as Chelsea finally musters the courage to confront Matt about lingering concerns. Will their conversation bring clarity and resolution, or will it lead to further turmoil? Brace yourself for the sparks that fly as their relationship hangs in the balance.

Jenn and Chantel receive a shocking request from Josh and Danielle that leaves them utterly dumbfounded. Prepare for a twist that challenges their perceptions and leaves them questioning the boundaries of their own relationships. How will they respond to this unexpected proposition?

As if that weren’t enough, Miss V’s presence creates uncertainty and doubt, leaving De’Andre and Rowan questioning the future of their relationship. Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as they navigate the complexities of their love triangle.

What Time is the “The Ex-plosion” Episode On?

The The Ex-plosion episode of You, Me & My Ex will be broadcast on July 3 2023 on TLC at 9:01 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “The Ex-plosion” Episode New?

The The Ex-plosion episode of You, Me & My Ex is all new!

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You, Me & My Ex Series Information

Follow five couples as they deal with an ex who is still intricately connected to their past partner and very much a part of their daily lives.Viewers will watch these couples navigate the uncomfortable and awkward moments.

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