Deadliest Catch “Maiden Voyage” S19E12 July 4 2023 on Discovery

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Tonight (Tuesday July 4 2023), Discovery broadcasts an episode of the series Deadliest Catch!

Maiden Voyage Season 19 Episode 12 Episode Summary

In this episode, the spotlight shines on young Captain Bob, determined to honor her late parents’ legacy by launching her maiden voyage on their crab boat. Despite the tragic loss that befell her family, Captain Bob pushes forward with unwavering determination, ready to prove herself in the dangerous world of crab fishing. With winter storms raging, she must summon every ounce of courage and skill to command her crew and conquer the turbulent seas.

Meanwhile, seasoned Captain Jack steps up to the helm of a legendary vessel, shouldering the weight of its storied past. As he assumes the responsibility of leading the crew, he faces both the immense pressure to succeed and the weight of the legacy left by his predecessors. Will Captain Jack rise to the challenge and prove his mettle in the face of adversity?

In the midst of these stories of perseverance and transformation, aspiring skipper Jacob finds himself on a new path after being fired from the Wizard. As he seeks a fresh start, Jacob navigates the uncertain waters of the crab fishing industry, searching for a new home and a chance to prove himself as a capable leader.

What Time is the “Maiden Voyage” Episode On?

The Maiden Voyage episode of Deadliest Catch will be broadcast on July 4 2023 on Discovery at 8:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Maiden Voyage” Episode New?

The Maiden Voyage episode of Deadliest Catch is all new!

Deadliest Catch Maiden Voyage Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Mike Rowe

Maiden Voyage Episode Videos & Previews

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Deadliest Catch Series Information

Before complaining about the market price of Alaska king crab, check out this gripping documentary series, revealing the mortal perils and intense discomfort that fishing crews face on the Bering Sea to catch the delicacy. Those perils include 40-foot waves, 700-pound crab pots that can easily crush a careless crewman, and freezing temperatures around the clock.

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