Shark Attack Files “Superpowers” S3E2 July 4 2023 on National Geographic

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Tonight (Tuesday July 4 2023), National Geographic broadcasts an episode of the series Shark Attack Files!

Superpowers Season 3 Episode 2 Episode Summary

In “Superpowers,” viewers will embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of shark abilities and adaptations. The episode explores the diverse range of superpowers possessed by these apex predators, enabling them to excel in their marine environments. From lightning-fast speed to acute senses, sharks have evolved an array of remarkable traits that have allowed them to survive and thrive for millions of years.

What Time is the “Superpowers” Episode On?

The Superpowers episode of Shark Attack Files will be broadcast on July 4 2023 on National Geographic at 9:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Superpowers” Episode New?

The Superpowers episode of Shark Attack Files is all new!

Shark Attack Files Superpowers Cast & Stars

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Superpowers Episode Videos & Previews

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Shark Attack Files Series Information

First-hand accounts reveal the shocking truth about shark attacks as scientists race to understand one of nature’s most misunderstood predators.

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