Save My Skin “Oozing Streak” S4E4 July 5 2023 on TLC

Tonight (Wednesday July 5 2023), TLC broadcasts an episode of the series Save My Skin!

Oozing Streak Season 4 Episode 4 Episode Summary

In this episode of “Save My Skin,” viewers will be introduced to a diverse group of individuals grappling with challenging skin conditions. They will accompany these individuals on their emotional and physical journeys as they seek the expertise of renowned dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne to reclaim their lives and confidence.

First, meet Danielle, who struggles with an intensely itchy and painful skin condition. Viewers will witness her daily battle and her quest to find relief and a solution that will allow her to regain control over her skin and overall well-being.

Next, they will encounter James, who faces an unsightly cyst that affects his job and self-esteem. With the cyst becoming increasingly bothersome, viewers will witness his journey as he seeks Dr. Craythorne’s expertise in hopes of finding a solution that will alleviate his discomfort and restore his confidence.

Jane’s story will touch the hearts of viewers as her skin condition traps her in an endless cycle of exhaustion and pain. They will witness the impact it has on her physical and emotional health as she turns to Dr. Craythorne for guidance in breaking free from the debilitating effects of her skin condition.

Lastly, viewers will meet Alan, who carries the weight of a massive lipoma on his back. They will witness the physical and psychological burden it brings and join him on his journey to find a way to remove the lipoma and regain his sense of freedom.

What Time is the “Oozing Streak” Episode On?

The Oozing Streak episode of Save My Skin will be broadcast on July 5 2023 on TLC at 10:00 PM at ET/PT.

Is the “Oozing Streak” Episode New?

The Oozing Streak episode of Save My Skin is all new!

Save My Skin Oozing Streak Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Dr. Emma Craythorne

Oozing Streak Episode Videos & Previews

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Save My Skin Series Information

Dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne has made it her mission to save everyone's skin. Surrounded by a top team at her Harley Street Clinic in London, she treats patients suffering from unusual and extraordinary conditions in the United Kingdom. Many of the issues are chronic and painful, like eczema, scalp bumps, keloids and rosacea. Dr. Craythorne examines and diagnoses before revealing the treatment. Patients reclaim their confidence and skin by sharing their stories to educate communities on skin disease.

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