Best in Chow “Wisconsin State Fair” S1E1 July 8 2023 on A&E

Tonight (Saturday July 8 2023), A&E broadcasts an episode of the series Best in Chow!

Wisconsin State Fair Season 1 Episode 1 Episode Summary

In “Best in Chow: Wisconsin State Fair,” host Matt Richards dives headfirst into the vibrant and delicious world of the fair, exploring the culinary wonders that make this event a food lover’s paradise. As he roams the bustling fairgrounds, Matt sets out to discover the best savory, sweet, and wild card dishes that capture the essence of the Wisconsin State Fair experience.

Prepare to indulge your taste buds as Matt embarks on a quest to find the ultimate savory treats the fair has to offer. From cheesy delights and mouthwatering burgers to savory classics with a unique twist, viewers will be taken on a culinary tour of the fair’s most tantalizing savory dishes. Get ready to savor every bite as Matt samples the creations of local vendors and uncovers the hidden gems of the fairgrounds.

But it doesn’t stop there! “Best in Chow: Wisconsin State Fair” also explores the realm of sweet indulgence. Matt delves into the world of decadent desserts, from deep-fried delights to sugary confections that will satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth. Be prepared for a sugar rush as Matt uncovers the fair’s most delectable sweet treats and shares his firsthand experiences.

What Time is the “Wisconsin State Fair” Episode On?

The Wisconsin State Fair episode of Best in Chow will be broadcast on July 8 2023 on A&E at 11:00 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Wisconsin State Fair” Episode New?

The Wisconsin State Fair episode of Best in Chow is all new!

Best in Chow Wisconsin State Fair Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Matt Richards

Wisconsin State Fair Episode Videos & Previews

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Best in Chow Series Information

“Best in Chow” follows comedian Matt Richards as he travels to the biggest state fairs and street scenes across the country to find America’s wildest foods and most creative cooks to judge the best of the best.

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