Petronix Defenders “Mission: Lovebirds Rescue” S1E46 July 8 2023 on DFC

Tonight (Saturday July 8 2023), DFC broadcasts an episode of the series Petronix Defenders!

Mission: Lovebirds Rescue Season 1 Episode 46 Episode Summary

In the world of “Petronix Defenders,” our heroic team is dedicated to protecting and rescuing animals in need. Led by a group of skilled and compassionate individuals, including their leader Max, tech expert Lily, fearless warrior Kai, and empathetic healer Maya, the Petronix Defenders are always ready to take on challenges and ensure the safety of animals everywhere.

In this episode, a devastating event unfolds when the Ringmaster, an infamous villain known for his devious schemes, kidnaps one of a Lovebird pair. As a result, the remaining Lovebird is left sad and alone, their joyful bond shattered. Determined to bring these lovebirds back together and restore their happiness, the Petronix Defenders spring into action.

What Time is the “Mission: Lovebirds Rescue” Episode On?

The Mission: Lovebirds Rescue episode of Petronix Defenders will be broadcast on July 8 2023 on DFC at 9:15 AM at ET/PT.

Is the “Mission: Lovebirds Rescue” Episode New?

The Mission: Lovebirds Rescue episode of Petronix Defenders is all new!

Petronix Defenders Mission: Lovebirds Rescue Cast & Stars

Main Cast
Cenophia Mitchell
Dani Chambers
Kimberley Anne Campbell
Chelly Li
Billy Bob Thompson
Courtney Shaw
Lindsay Sheppard
Daman Mills
Kaylin Lee Clinton
Cameron Guile

Mission: Lovebirds Rescue Episode Videos & Previews

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Petronix Defenders Series Information

When the world's wild animals are in danger, a team of young super heroes rush to their rescue, as they are able to transform their backpacks into small animals with incredible technology.

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